What We Do

Female medical students

We work across disciplines to enhance the public understanding of science and to equip healthcare providers and scientists with the tools necessary for effective communication. 

We lead projects in medical education, filmmaking, and research, including clinical communication trainings for physicians, storytelling workshops for scientists, and film projects that merge art and science.

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Medical education 


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We track the spread of false health news, including anti-vaccine messaging, which threatens to undo decades of progress in public health. We study the techniques used to disseminate disease disinformation campaigns, develop strategies for effectively countering false health information, and equip providers and scientists with the necessary tools to regain trust with the public and share accurate, nuanced information. View samples of our research

Community SEED: Science Engagement through Education & Dialogue

Stanford Cancer Institute’s (SCI) Community SEED is an initiative to deliver cancer-related science learning and dialogue that is socially and culturally relevant for the community. SHCI collaborates with SCI, researchers, community partners, and health advocates to create stimulating learning activities such as Science Café. Learn More